My first electric kiln

Eversince I broke about 20 delicately carved tea candle jars (green ware) while taking them to the studio to bisque fire from my home, I had this wish of acquiring an electric kiln in my basement studio.   One day when I visited my clay shop (Davens Ceramic Center) I found a great deal that I could not pass up on returned L&L Kiln, the cadillac of electric kiln (so I heard).  It was a brand new condition.  I got so excited and saw this opportunity as a sign.  I bought the kiln right then and there.  I had to update my old electrical fuse box to a new breaker panel and that was costly.   Davens people came to set up the kiln in my basement right away.   I hooked up the vent system and everything was ready for test firing.  The test firing went very well.  It took about 16 hours and as one would expect when you have a kiln sitting in your basement with up to 2200 F temperature,  my entire basement was like dry sauna at a gym!  I can't wait till cold winter days to have it going on.  With the success of test firing I decided to do my first bisque firing.  I have preared kiln shelves with "kiln wash" which prevents glaze damage to the shelves, situated greenwares on them and programmed the kiln to "slow bisque" setting and started it.   I went to bed then.  Next morning I saw the error code on.  It turned out there was a minor malfunction in my Kiln. One of the thermocouples was not reading the temperature right so the error code came up. I called manufacturer's technical support right away. On top of receiving great advice, I had the president of the company came and visit my basement studio to take a look at the kiln this Saturday morning(8/9.14). Lucky me, he was in town for a few days for ...his business. The problem was easily solved. I am so happy and honored. It is so rare to experience this level of customer service these days. Thank you Mr. Lewicki. Your company is not only producing "Kilns Built To Last" but also building lasting relationship with your customer. I am so glad that I have chosen the best kiln for myself!     Despite the error code, the bisque firing went successfully.  I was so happy.   I brought all my pieces to my other studio(no more worries on breaking things) and glazed them all.     I will eventually would like to try glaze firing at my basement studio too.   I will let you know how that goes.