First glaze firing

Until today I have used my home kiln for bisque firing only.  I have, for the first time,  glaze fired my kiln!   I manually programmed my kiln to "slow cool" for better result.  They said that it would prevent pin holing, reduce stress to the ceramic wares and support better glaze crystallization.  I knew everything was going to turn out well but being little OCD about things like house hold appliances, I  worried about the glaze melting or pots exploding into pieces in the kiln.  Opening the lid of the kiln after 12 hours of firing was almost like opening a Christmas gift in my childhood.  Much to my relief everything in the kiln turned out well.  However, there is a slight yellow-ish mellow hue to the normally very white porcelain.  I wonder if this is part of the slow cooling effect.   I was planning to glaze fire my kiln much later but the deadline for submitting some items to this gallery was this Friday.   I am glad that my kiln works well and I got very nice result!   Thank you to those whom gave me great advice and info!  I am l looking forward to experimenting more with this process to see how I can achieve the best results.